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Charles Seagrave

Charles G. Seagrave

After 17 years with Dolby Laboratories, where he led the engineering team that developed the Dolby Digital multi-channel film sound format, and developed the Digital Technologies Licensing program, Charles founded Seagrave Instruments in July, 2007, to develop the LASSIE System.

As Project Engineer and DAFFODIL Project lead, Dolby Laboratories Film Group (1989-1996), Charles led the team that developed the Dolby Digital motion picture film sound format. He was responsible for system architecture, and 6 classes of products: DS-10, recorder and AC-3 formatter; CA-10 Film recorder; 2 models of print head adapters; DA-10 and follow-on DA-20 cinema decoder adapters.

Following the release of the DA-20, and based on his expertise in integrated circuit design and test, Charles joined Dolby Laboratories' Licensing Division to develop a team focused on specifying, testing and reporting on newly developed digital technologies, as used in Laser Disc, DVD, and HDTV products. As Director, Engineering Licensing, and General Manager, Digital Technologies, Charles introduced domestic and Far East licensees to Dolby Digital technologies, and created the first Digital Licensing manual and support group. He grew a small team of 3 into a section of 25 employees. Charles directed 3 managers and 2 senior level staff who dealt with the growth of digital technologies from less that 1% to over 70% of licensing revenue ($120 million in FY 2001.) Three of Charles' direct reports were recognized with an Emmy award for their contributions to the development of the AC-3 soundtrack for the DVD format.

He has also personally trained over 400 employees in Continuous Improvement techniques.

AeA / Stanford Executive Institute – Intense 2 week residential course in business management.

M.S.I. Scientific Instrumentation, UC Santa Barbara Dept. of Physics. Applied Electrical Engineering with focus on developing microprocessor-based instrumentation. Analog and digital circuit theory and design. Thesis project was an arbitrary waveform generator / analyzer for use in hermit crab shell fighting behavior. Also developed a video input inverse metronome.

A.B. Occidental College, Independent Pattern of Study in Musical Technology
Three years of Physics, 2 of Music, and advanced courses in Audio and Acoustics (UCSB) and Electrical Engineering (Caltech).

AMPAS (Academy Award – Science and Technical Plaque 1996) awarded to Dolby Laboratories for the Development of the Dolby Digital Sound System. Charles attended the awards ceremony with Ray Dolby, who accepted the plaque.

5 US patents awarded. The LASSIE System patent was published 7Dec,2010.

7,845,233 - Sound Sensor Array with Optical Outputs
5,544,140 - Storage medium and apparatus and method for recovering information from such medium by oversampling.
5,710,752 - Apparatus using one optical sensor to recover audio information from analog and digital soundtrack carried on motion picture film
5,757,465 - Storage medium for carrying information encoded in two dimensions
6,211,940 - Selecting analog or digital motion picture sound tracks

Charles is a member of the Audio Engineering Society
and an avid a cappella singer with Just Voices.
He serves on the Board of Singers Marin and teaches a class in
Sound Reinforcement and Recording at Napa Valley College

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